A Look Ahead: Bold And Beautiful

Brandon Beemer as Owen Knight

Owen plans out his future with Jackie.

Bridget and Nick’s reunion doesn’t go as planned.

Nick delivers Owen a harsh warning.

Donna, Thorne, Felicia and Stephanie see each other in a new light.

Stephanie’s words affect Eric.

Brooke realizes the consequences of her actions.

OLTL Weekly Promo Week of June 1: Hope Returns

A Look Ahead: All My Children

Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart Slater
Zach and Kendall realize that they were both innocent of shooting Stuart.

Marissa finds a drunk David and calls Krystal for help.

Colby finds letters from Liza that have blood stain on them.

Frankie returns from Iraq depressed that he’ll never be a surgeon.

Tad’s carefree behavior continues.

Annie is stabbed in prison and is taken to the hospital.

Frankie pushes Randi away.

Adam comes between Annie and Aidan.

Amanda has her baby.

Liza and David start off on the wrong foot.


All My Children Promo: Week of June 1st : Zach and Kendell Get Married!!!

Bill Spencer Hunting

Don Diamont as Bill Spencer

Bold and The Beautiful has certainly energized their show by adding an exciting new character into the fold. Don Diamont (ex-Brad, Young & The Restless) has been wonderful as the ruthless and mysterious Bill Spencer. Described by Executive Producer and Show Creator Brad Bell as “a Richard Branson type billionaire”, Bill is single-handedly giving The Forresters and The Logans more than they bargained for. e plans to obtain Forrester Creations. His determination to take control of Forrester Creations by any means necessary is fun to watch. From trying to charm all three Logan Sisters into bed and to his conversations with Stephanie, Bill’s been A+ drama. One of his standout scenes so far have been with Stephanie (Susan Flannery). Stephanie has been unknowingly helping Bill make Forrester vulnerable, thus making it easy for Bill to buy it. As the true extent of his plan registered to Stephanie, Bill retorted, “It’s been a long time since someone gotten the better of you, huh Stephanie? I’d say Stephanie Forrester has finally met her match. It will be exiting to watch this partnership/rivalry unfold through out the summer.

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GH Promo: Week June 1 More Than A Step Mom

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