The GLEE Cast Sings National Anthem at the World Series Game

The talented cast of Glee performs the USA National Anthem live at the World Series 2009 Game 3 in the Citizens Bank Park on October 31, 2009.
Amber Riley (Mercedes) singing  lead is accompanied by the  rest of the cast who make up the high school Glee Club students. Joining Riley (front and center in the clip) are (L-R): Jenna Ushowitz (Tina), Chris Colfer (Kurt), Lea Michelle (Rachel), Amber Riley (Mercedes), Cory Monteith, (Finn), Mark Salling (Puck), Dianna Agron (Quinn), Kevin McHale (Arty).
Glee airs Wednesday nights on Fox. View full episodes of the show at

All My Children Weekly Promo Week of October 26

Here is the promo for this week’s All My Children. Emma blackmails Annie. Adam remembers and visits Stuart’s grave.

General Hospital Weekly Promo Week of October 26

Here is the new promo for General Hospital. Sonny gets proof of Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting.

Sneak Peek: Jonathan Jackson’s first scenes as General Hospital’s Lucky Spencer has an exclusive look at Jonathan Jackson’s first scenes in 10 years as Lucky Spencer. Jonathan’s first air date is Tuesday, October 27.

Here’s a look at the scene: VIDEO

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet.

‘White Collar’s Matthew Bomer Talks with “My Take On TV”

Matthew Bomer as Neal Caffrey in "White Collar" (Photo: Variety)

Matthew Bomer as Neal Caffrey in "White Collar" (Photo: Variety)

Reviews have been favorable for the USA Network’s new show White Collar. White Collar tells the “Catch Me If You Can”-like story of a white-collar criminal who partners with the FBI to help them solve crimes. The series stars Matthew Bomer, Tiffani Thiessen, Willie Garson, Tim DeKay and Diahann Carrol. The website “My Take On TV” visited the New York set for an exclusive interview with the some of the cast and crew from the show.

When “My Take On TV” asked what were some elements that set the show apart from other crime dramas on currently on TV, Bomer said, “Well, I think—I always say I think before I say—please cut that out. [laughs]  Because it’s just—I should just say it.  The signature of USA Network is, characters welcome.  So, first and foremost, you’re gong to get all the great procedural stuff.  It’s really intelligently written.  We’re—I’m no fool, I know this is a writer’s medium.  You can put the biggest stars on the TV screen, but if the writing’s not there, the shows aren’t going to last and we’re so blessed to have Jeff Easton at the helm.  Because these scripts are really smart and fun and unique.  The White Collar world is unique, hasn’t really been completely explored yet and so you’re going to get all the fun procedural stuff, but at the same time, there’s going to be a lot of character elements that come into play as well.  That keep it light and fun and sometimes serious.  So, you do get more back story elements and a lot of interplay, fun interplay between characters that you might not get on a show that’s straight procedural.”

Read the full article here: White Collar

A Look Back: Soap Opera Recap Week of October 19, 2009

Here’s what happened on your favorite soaps last week:

All My Children— Kendall and Aidan hid in an abandoned church. JR and Marissa got married. The Hubbards learned of Madison’s death. Emma revealed who killed Stuart. David asked Amanda to have another child with him in exchange for shared custody of Trevor. Liza feared Bailey would take Stuart from her.

As The World Turns— Trapped all alone, Katie was forced to give birth to her son. Liberty miscarried. Brad got in the way of Jack and Ralph’s gun fire. Lucinda tried to get Holden and Lily back together.

Bold and the Beautiful— Bill proposed to Katie. Thorne learned of Stephanie’s illness. Jackie and Owen made plans to start a family. Katie was announced as CEO of Forrester at a press conference. Eric cleared out his office.

Days of Our Lives— Maggie caught Melissa and Nathan. Carly saved Rafe’s life. Stefano woke up and demanded that Sydney be brought to him. Sami payed Nicole to leave town with Sydney.  Victor talked Hope into staying in Salem.

General Hospital— Olivia and Johnny agreed to keep their dating a secret. Michael remembered more about the shooting. Lucky surprised Elizabeth with a surprise engagement party. Elizabeth agreed to marry Lucky. Jason found evidence against Claudia.

One Life to Live— Blair and Todd kissed. Rex and Gigi started couples therapy. Layla pulled away from Cristian’s kiss because she felt that she was betraying Evangeline. Nick asked Klye to marry him, much to Oliver’s chagrin. Jessica was haunted by Nash. Rex agreed to help Natalie look for Jared. Tea kept her child hidden from Ross and Todd. Destiny asked David for help with Matthew. Sean woke up from his coma.

Young and the Restless— Victor gave Ashley the ranch. Jack and Traci turned down Billy’s loan request. Billy proceeded to buy Restless Style anyway. Sharon was affected by Faith’s crying.

Hollywood Fest Honors Julianne Moore, Zachary Quinto, and Bradley Cooper

hollywood_film_festivalThe 13th Annual Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Awards, presented by Starz, are pleased to announce honorees who will be recognized for their outstanding achievements at the festival’s Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony.

Academy Award winners Robert Deniro and Hilary Swank will be honored with the “Hollywood Actor Award” and “Hollywood Actress Award” respectivealy. Academy Award-nominated actress Julianne Moore will be honored with the “Hollywood Supporting Actress Award,”  and Christopher Waltz will receive the “Hollywood Supporting Actor Award”. Actor Bradley Cooper will receive the “Hollywood Comedy Award,” producer Ryan Kavanaugh will get the “Hollywood Producer Award,” and actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, actress Melanie Lynskey, actor Paul Schneider, and actor Zachary Quinto will be honored with the Hollywood Spotlight Awards.

The gala ceremony will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on October 26, 2009.

DeNiro has won two Academy Awards for “The Godfather:Part II” and “Raging Bull”. He has appeared in numerous films, including “Cape Fear”, “Taxi Driver”, “Meet The Parents”, and “Goodfellas.”

Swank has won two Academy Awards for “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Million Dollar Baby.” She can currently be seen in “Amelia.”

Moore is the ninth person in Academy history to receive two acting Oscar(r) nominations in the same year — for her performances in “Far From Heaven” and “The Hours”. She has also appeared in “The End of the Affair” and “Boogie Nights.”

Waltz starred in “Inglourious Basterds” and will be seen in the upcoming “Green Hornet.”

Cooper was recently seen in the summer blockbuster comedy “The Hangover.” He will star in the upcoming “New York, I Love You” and “Valentine’s Day” in 2010.

Kavanaugh heads Relativity. Relativity is a media and entertainment company engaged in creating, financing and distributing first class, studio quality entertainment content and intellectual property across multiple platforms, as well as making strategic partnerships with, and opportunistic investments in, entertainment-related companies and assets. As a producer, Kavanaugh’s films include: “Brothers,” “Dear John,” “The Spy Next Door,” and “Nine.”

Aghdashloo earned an Academy Award nomination for “House of Sand and Fog.” She will be seen in the upcoming “In Northwood.”

Lynskey appeared in “Heavenly Creatures” and can be seen in “The Informant,” and in the upcoming “Up in the Air.”

Quinto appeared in “Star Trek,” and television’s Heroes on NBC.

For more information please go to

Members of ‘Twilight:New Moon’ Cast To Appear at Nordstrom

twilight_new_moon_poster_0509 Nordstrom and Summit  Entertainment invite Twilight fans to take advantage of a special opportunity to meet select cast members of  The Twilight Saga: New Moon at select Nordstrom stores.  The cast appearances are being held to celebrate the highly-anticipated November 20 release of the second movie in Summit’s Twilight film saga.  Nordstrom launched an exclusive clothing and jewelry collection inspired by the mood and spirit of the film in early October.
Customers can visit for more details about how to acquire VIP access on Saturday, October 31, at 8:00 a.m., to be one of 75 customers to meet the cast.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon cast members will visit the following Nordstrom stores:

  November 5- Topanga (Canoga Park, CA)**

    November 8- Park Meadows (Lone Tree, CO)*

    November 9- Natick Collection (Natick, MA)*

    November 10- The Galleria (Houston, TX)*

    November 11- Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)*

    November 11- Cherry Hill Mall (Philadelphia, PA)*

    November 11- Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco, CA)*

    November 12- Perimeter Mall (Atlanta, GA)

    November 12- Southcenter (Tukwila, WA)*

    November 13- Aventura Mall (Aventura, FL)

    November 13- Scottsdale Fashion Square (Phoenix, AZ)*

    November 14- Fashion Place (Murray, UT)

* These malls will also host a talent question and answer forum in the mall which will be open to the public.

** 125 customer VIP packets will be available for the Topanga event only.  The mall will not host a talent question and answer forum.

The BP. department at select Nordstrom stores will also offer customers advanced movie screening passes as gifts with purchase (see for participating stores and details), and will host in-store styling parties on November 14 and 15.  Customers can visit to learn what events are taking place at their nearest Nordstrom store and sign-up for email alerts.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon directed by Chris Weitz and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will be released November 20, 2009.  In the film, the romance between mortal and vampire soars to a new level as Bella Swan (Stewart) delves deeper into the mysteries of the supernatural world she yearns to become part of–only to find herself in greater peril than ever before.  Following Edward Cullen’s(Pattinson) departure from Forks, Wash., Bella discovers his image comes to her whenever she puts herself in jeopardy.  In time Bella’s frozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with Jacob Black (Lautner) who has a supernatural secret of his own.

The action-packed, modern day vampire love story Twilight, the first film in the series, was released in theatres on November 21, 2008 to a blockbuster reception.  The third film in the franchise, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is due in theaters on June 30, 2010.

For more info:   www.nordstrom/newmoon.

Daytime Drama Ratings October 12-October 16 2009

(Credit: SON)

Ratings for the week October 12-16, 2009

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year) Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,307,000 (+362,000/+646,000)

2. B&B 3,491,000 (+233,000/+87,000)

3. DAYS 3,039,000 (+24,000/+339,000)

4. AMC 2,602,000 (+129,000/+96,000)

5. GH 2,580,000 (+70,000/-111,000)

6. OLTL 2,567,000 (+165,000/-17,000)

7. ATWT 2,550,000 (+133,000/-5,000)


1. Y&R 3.8/12 (+.2/+.4)

2. B&B 2.5/8 (+.2/same)

3. DAYS 2.2/7 (same/+.2)

4. AMC 2.0/6 (+.1/+.1)

5. GH 1.9/6 (same/-.2)

5. OLTL 1.9/6 (same/-.1)

7. ATWT 1.8/6 (+.1/-.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers

1. Y&R 1,220,000 (+97,000/+254,000)

2. DAYS 911,000 (-38,000/+62,000)

3. GH 890,000 (-6,000/+45,000)

4. OLTL 774,000 (+24,000/-15,000)

5. B&B 748,000 (+55,000/+61,000)

6. AMC 721,000 (+12,000/-4,000)

7. ATWT 570,000 (-4,000/-74,000)

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.8/11 (+.1/+.3)

2. DAYS 1.4/8 (same/+.1)

3. GH 1.3/8 (-.1/same)

4. OLTL 1.2/7 (+.1/same)

5. AMC 1.1/7 (same/same)

5. B&B 1.1/7 (+.1/+.1)

7. ATWT 0.9/5 (same/-.1)

Girls 12-17 Viewers

1. OLTL 50,000 (+22,000/+26,000)

2. GH 40,000 (+9,000/+22,000)

3. Y&R 38,000 (-1,000/-10,000)

4. DAYS 33,000 (+5,000/-9,000)

5. ATWT 21,000 (+1,000/-24,000)

6. AMC 20,000 (+8,000/-11,000)

7. B&B 17,000 (-10,000/-17,000)

Women 18-34 Rating

1. Y&R 1.2/8 (+.1/+.3)

2. DAYS 0.9/6 (-.1/-.1)

2. AMC 0.9/5 (+.1/+.2)

2. GH 0.9/5 (-.1/same)

2. OLTL 0.9/5 (+.1/+.1)

6. B&B 0.7/4 (same/same)

7. ATWT 0.5/3 (same/-.1)

Men 18+ Viewers

1. Y&R 1,280,000 (+112,000/+149,000)

2. B&B 804,000 (+138,000/+53,000)

3. DAYS 632,000 (+52,000/+127,000)

4. ATWT 547,000 (+68,000/+47,000)

5. AMC 493,000 (+5,000/-70,000)

6. GH 478,000 (+39,000/-24,000)

7. OLTL 456,000 (+30,000/-47,000)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

AMC Monday: 2.1/2,704,000

Tuesday: 2.0/2,676,000

Wednesday: 2.0/2,694,000

Thursday: 1.9/2,551,000

Friday: 1.8/2,386,000

ATWT Monday: 1.8/2,669,000

Tuesday: 1.8/2,384,000

Wednesday: 1.9/2,637,000

Thursday: 1.9/2,660,000

Friday: 1.8/2,400,000


Monday: 2.7/3,806,000

Tuesday: 2.5/3,420,000

Wednesday: 2.4/3,446,000

Thursday: 2.6/3,544,000

Friday: 2.3/3,239,000


Monday: 2.3/3,118,000

Tuesday: 2.2/2,985,000

Wednesday: 2.3/3,017,000

Thursday: 2.2/3,044,000

Friday: 2.2/3,033,000


Monday: 2.0/2,621,000

Tuesday: 1.9/2,538,000

Wednesday: 1.9/2,661,000

Thursday: 1.9/2,568,000

Friday: 1.9/2,509,000


Monday: 2.1/2,665,000

Tuesday: 1.9/2,550,000

Wednesday: 1.9/2,553,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,547,000

Friday: 1.8/2,521,000


Monday: 4.1/5,815,000

Tuesday: 3.9/5,514,000

Wednesday: 3.6/5,048,000

Thursday: 3.7/5,222,000

Friday: 3.6/4,935,000

Director Mira Nair discusses her latest film ‘Amelia’ starring Hilary Swank

CBS News talked with director Mira Nair about her latest film, “Amelia”. “Amelia” stars two time Oscar winner Hilary Swank as legendary pilot Amelia Earhart. The film opens in theaters on October 23rd.