Days Of Our Lives Weekly Promo: Week of May 25

All My Children Weekly Promo: Week of May 25

A Look Ahead: Bold And Beautiful

Heather Tom as Katie Logan

Katie learns that Nick has moved on.

Stephanie tries to enlist Ridge’s help.

Bill revels in the trouble he’s created for The Forresters and The Logans.

Donna vows that her family will endure.

Brooke’s video blog leads to two showdowns.

Bill sets Stephanie straight about who’s in control.

Incriminating information surfaces about Eric.

A Look Ahead: All My Children

Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater

Zach is sentenced for Stuart’s murder.

Jesse finds discrepancies in Ryan’s and Kendall’s alibis.

Nurse Gayle confesses to David’s crimes.

Colby warms up to Liza.

Krystal overhears David offer Jake money for Amanda’s baby.

Adam asks Scott and JR to run Chandler Enterprises together.

Krystal seeks refuge with Tad.

Zach propositions Kendall.

Jake hatches a plan.

Annie makes a deal with Ryan.