Kelly, Mya and Donny compete in the Dancing With The Stars Finale

Kelly, Mya and Donny Compete in The Dancing with The Stars Finale

  • (L-R)Kelly Osbourne, Mya, Donny Osmond

    Singers, Mya, Kelly Osbourne and Donny Osmond are competing against each other in a very challenging awards show. It’s not the Grammys, The American Music Awards or The People’s Choice Awards. The songsters are fighting to see which of them take home the mirror balled trophy of “Dancing With The Stars”.

    On last nights show, each couple danced three numbers including a side by side same choreographed dance that had a combination of three dance styles.

    Osmond is partnered with Kym Johnson. Total Score-85 out of 90
    Mya is partnered with Dmitry Chaplin. Total Score- 87 out of 90
    Osbourne is partnered with Louie Van Amsel. Total Score-76 out of 90

    At the end of the evening Mya led with 87 and had Kelly Osbourne had the lowest score with 76. Donny received a 30 for his Free style dance. Mya received a 30 for her Paso Doable dance.

    Other highlights of the finale are past contestants and champions, and a musical number by Whitney Houston.

    “Dancing With The Shows” 2-hour series finale airs at 9/8c on ABC

  • ABC Daytime promotes “NINE” by naming the Top Nine General Hospital Moments of 2009

    ABC Daytime is joining ABC and Disney in their efforts to support and promote the upcoming movie musical “NINE”. Throughout the month of December, All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital will incorporate “NINE” into their show’s story lines.  To kick off the celebration, the shows have  begun counting down the Top Nine moments of 2009 for every soap. Check out part 1 of the Top Nine One Life To Live Moments of 2009 below.  “NINE” stars Daniel-Day Lewis, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench,  Marion Cotillard and Nicole Kidman and is directed by Rob Marshall. The film will be released on Christmas Day.

    Top Nine General Hospital Moments of 2009 Part 1:

    To find out more: General Hospital

    American Idol’s Kris Allen promoting newly released album

    Kris Allen Album on Jive Records

    American Idol winner,Kris Allen, releases his self titled debut album today.  Having wrapped up an appearance on  The Tonight With Conan O’Brien, Allen,  is forging a full press tour to promote the album.  In the next few weeks, the singer is expected to visit

    Good Morning America and “It’s On With Alexa Chung” on MTV today (November 17) and VH1’s Top 20 Countdown on November 21.
    The singer is expected to present at the American Music Awards and will appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on November 23.

    For more information on the album, visit: Kris Allen

    For interviews and more info on Kris Allen, visit: Kris Allen Interview


    General Hospital Weekly Promo 2009: Week of November 9

    Here is the promo for next week’s General Hospital. It deals with the aftermath of Claudia’s death. I wonder if James Franco’s new character is “watching”? James Franco debuts on General Hospital on November 20.

    All My Children Weekly Promo 2009 Week of November 2

    Here is what’s coming up this week on All My Children:

    One Life To Live November 2009 Promo

    Here is the November Sweeps Promo for One Life To Live:

    A Look Back: Soap Opera Recap Week of October 26 2009

    Here’s a recap of what happened on your favorite soap operas last week:

    All My Children— Zach, Ryan and Erica launched their plan to gaslight Adam. Kendall and Zach dreamed that they were back in each others arms. Scott almost revealed the truth to Zach. Natalia and Brot got to know each other better.Liza refused to help David.

    As The World Turns— Brad died before he could meet his and Katie’s son. Jack dealt with his guilt over shooting Brad. Barbara and Margo cornered Audrey, who escaped. Maeve left town after Holden turned her down.

    Bold & The Beautiful— Jackie pushed Owen into having a baby with Steffy. Katie choose the executive team at Forrester. Justin flashed back to his high school years with Donna. Pam appeared on a talk show hosted by Donna with hilarious results. Brooke made Bill an offer.

    Days Of Our Lives— Hope moved into the Kiriakis mansion. Bo agreed to help Carly. Vivian vowed revenge for Lawrence’s death. Ordered by Stefano, Mia told Chad several men could have fathered her baby.Rafe told Arianna that Sydney was Sami’s child.

    General Hospital— Claudia took Carly hostage who then went into labor. Lulu did not remember learning that Dominic is a cop. Luke caught Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing. Sonny was devastated to learn that his dark side frightens Kristina.

    One Life To Live— Bo and Nora kissed and he told her he loves her. Schuyler kissed Gigi, Dorian’s big gay wedding began. David and Destiny headed to London. Ross found out Danielle was in London and headed there as well. Rex and Natalie looked for Jared. Oliver told the crowd of protesters at the wedding that he was gay.

    Young And The Restless— J.T. attacked Deacon. Nikki thought of a future with Victor. Ashley and Mac fumed over Billy’s exposed on Victor. Adam told Sharon about his encounters with Rafe.