“Let’s Make A Deal” Revisited?

Wayne-Brady-710076Let's Make a Deal, one of the most popular television game shows
of the 1960’s and 70’s is back with new host Wayne Brady!
A pilot for the new revived show will be taped at CBS this week.
The format for the new show seems to be the same as it was
when the show first aired.
Just before taping, contestants will be randomly selected from
the studio audience for a chance to win! Contestants will be
given the choice to play for a certain prize or trade it in for
one that's hidden behind a curtain or door. The risk is either
getting a fantastic prize like a First-Class Trip to Hawaii
or a "dud" prize.
The "dud" prize reveal is usually a stunt like Wayne Brady
dressed as an old granny in a giant rocking chair?
The decision-making is exciting and suspenseful and
the audience is always in on the fun. And everyone wears costumes!
The more creative or outrageous costumes are picked for contestants.
Whether the pilot will be picked up by CBS or another network is
not known. The game shows taping fuels speculation that CBS
will be replacing long running soap opera Guiding Light,which ends in September, with a more
budget-friendly game show in it's time slot.