Veronica Mars on The Big Screen?

Cast of Veronica Mars Phots:Warner Brothers

Cast of Veronica Mars Photo: Warner Brothers

Veronica Mars on the big screen? It could happen if her portrayer, Kristen Bell, has anything to say about it. She would like fan support for a Veronica Mars feature. Bell announced through Twitter (the unofficial Hollywood celebrity news source) the proposal:

‘VM movie fans – Rob (Thomas) and I took it to WB (Warner Brothers) – and they said, “There is no enthusiasm” to make it. So fans have to convince WB! Rob and I are in!”#1 you guys all rule. my guess would be the best rout is anywhere warner brothers asks 4 feedback- you guys write we want the VM movie.

Ive told em i want to so bad- i think they dont think it will make any money so they want to be sure people will see it. big business. ugh.

i think letters to warner brother will help. its the film side i think thats different than the WB tv side.’

Only time will tell if the show about a young detective will be developed. SOE certainly hopes so.

Ivanka Trump Engaged!

Photo: Associated Press

Photo: Associated Press

(From: Herald Wire Services) — Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump, is engaged to her longtime beau, New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner, a rep for the couple confirmed to US Magazine . “I’m very happy about it,” said The Donald, Ivanka’s famous father. “They make a magnificent couple.” Ivanka, 27, broke the news on Twitter yesterday. “I got engaged last night . . . truly the happiest day of my life!!!” she Tweeted. According to a source, Ivanka’s engagement ring is “stunning.” The couple have been dating since 2007. Ivanka, a vice president at the Trump Organization and her dad’s boardroom assistant on “The Apprentice,” converted to Judaism for Kushner.

Oprah To Join Tweeter With Help From Ashton Kutcher

Oprah is about to join the Twitter revolution, when she’ll post her first tweet on Friday’s April 17 show. Special guest Ashton Kutcher will be on hand to help out – after all, Oprah calls him the “King of Twitter.