Michael Jackson Passes Away

Photo: mjjpictures.com

Photo: mjjpictures.com

There is sad news in the world of music today. Michael Jackson known around the world as the King Of Pop had died. Performing since the age of 5, Michael garnered fame as a child performer with his brothers as Motown artists the Jackson 5, became a teen idol as he and his brothers evolved in the 80s as The Jacksons and them grew to world wide superstar status as a solo artist. His album Thriller remains the best selling album to this day with his Dangerous album being the best selling album.

In his later years Jackson became a constant tabloid newspaper headline for his ever changing physical appearance and for his legal troubles.
Jackson was set to make a comeback to music with a series of concerts in London. He was 50 years old.

Michael Jackson, one of a kind.

Michael Jackson was modern music’s most famous world entertainer and in later years was perhaps the most notorious. His albums Thriller and Dangerous remain the best selling albums to this day.

Michael is survived by his three children, his parents and a host of family and friends.

ABC is air a special on the life and career of Michael Jackson tonight at 9pm eastern.

Black Music Month: Artist of The Day: Michael Jackson


Of course any list of great black music artists would be incomplete without Michael Jackson’s name on it. Performing for most of his life, he’s a master story teller and one of the most exciting performers. There’s no one who has done more for the evolution of modern music today as Michael Jackson. As one of the pioneer artists who helped launch MTV to what it is today, Michael’s video performances speak for themselves.

Musically, he experimented with all forms of the genre including pop and rock, but it a testiment to his roots of being mentored by Motown and the great Berry Gordy, that his best music by far continues to be his soul and R&B recordings.
Here is one of those songs–“Another Part Of Me”.

Black Music Month Artist of The Day: Luther Vandross

Gone too soon but certainly not forgotten, Luther Vandross’s voice defined the soul sound in the 80s and 90s. Whenever people think of soul music and songs that identify soul only one name comes up, Luther. Here is his first hit, “Never Too Much”.

Black Music Month Artist of the Day – Day 22: The Ojays


This was a universal song that inspired a lot of dancing. Although their hit, “For Love Of Money” has gained popularity recently as the theme for Donald Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, “Love Train” is one of the band’s most recognizable and requested song. Here is a fantastic performance of the classic song.

Black Music Month Artist of the Day – Day 18: Al Green

Al Green’s “Let’s Stay together” was the first song I remember everyone in my neighborhood loving. My parents, my aunt who lived next door and even my mom’s friends loved it. A typical Saturday afternoon in Indiana was the same, moms would be talking, kids would be playing kick the can, dads would be mowing lawns, teenage girls would be braiding each others hair for the summer, all just going about their day. Then this song would be playing on the radio of a car passing by and suddenly every radio within a 5 mile radius would catch on and start playing it. Soon Al Green would be playing in surround sound on Deodar Street.

Those were the days. There aren’t too many songs or artists today that could have everyone stop, listen, sing or dance to all at once, no matter the age. Al Green’s
“Let’s Stay Together” is one of those songs. The fact that he could unite a neighborhood in a common theme for even 4 minutes at a time, makes him the Black Music Month Artist of The Day.

Black Music Month Artist of the Day – Day 17: Gladys Knight & The Pips

There’s no one like Gladys Knight. Her soulful voice is one of the most distinct in the music that dominated radio and television for over three decades since the 1960s.
Performing with her brother, Merald “Bubba” Knight and cousins William Guest and Edward Patten as Gladys Knight & The Pips, they helped defined family groups.

Although, Gladys was the star, the group was really an ensemble. The back vocals on their well-known hit “Midnight Train To Georgia remain of the best written and performed to this day. Check out a true black music legend, Gladys Knight & The Pips.

Black Music Month Artist Of The Day: Day 16

The spotlight artist of the day, is Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan. Highly popular in the 70’s and 80’s, Rufus was synonymous with helping to define the R&B/Soul sound. Chaka Khan, a diva in her own right, began her career with the band. Blending dance songs with soulful ballads makes Rufus the artist of the day. Here’s one of my favorite songs: Sweet Thing.