Black Music Month: Artist of The Day: Michael Jackson


Of course any list of great black music artists would be incomplete without Michael Jackson’s name on it. Performing for most of his life, he’s a master story teller and one of the most exciting performers. There’s no one who has done more for the evolution of modern music today as Michael Jackson. As one of the pioneer artists who helped launch MTV to what it is today, Michael’s video performances speak for themselves.

Musically, he experimented with all forms of the genre including pop and rock, but it a testiment to his roots of being mentored by Motown and the great Berry Gordy, that his best music by far continues to be his soul and R&B recordings.
Here is one of those songs–“Another Part Of Me”.

Black Music Month Artist of The Day: Luther Vandross

Gone too soon but certainly not forgotten, Luther Vandross’s voice defined the soul sound in the 80s and 90s. Whenever people think of soul music and songs that identify soul only one name comes up, Luther. Here is his first hit, “Never Too Much”.