Air Force Week 2008 EXPO Celebrated In LA

November 14-16
Experience the kick-off celebration for Air Force Week 2008. Opening Ceremonies begin Friday, November 14th in the Central Courtyard at 10:30 a.m. A Proclamation by Top Dignitaries, select Air Force officials and distinguished guests will open the week during a ceremony spotlighting ‘Today’s Airmen’ followed by an incredible multi-ship flyover of Air Force planes. The ceremonies include the Air Force Marching Band and the incredible precision rifle-bearing Honor Guard. The Air Force Expo will display super sized models of aircraft, historical military photos, satellite pictures and flight posters from the Air Force’s history through its reach to the future. Visits by Astronauts and Pilots for autographs will be a highlight. The USAF 80 foot long tour van “Do Something Amazing” showing Air Force flight videos, an F-22A mini jet, a flight video game, the Air Force Falcon, and a spinning gyro chair will amaze every age group. Rifle combat demonstrations, martial arts demos, performances by a variety of musical genre Air Force bands, special lectures on survival tactics, a real F-16 jet engine and daily flyovers will be a part of the weekend experience.

The event is open to the public in the Central Courtyard, Awards Walk & Hollywood Blvd.


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